Tree Service, Dunwoody, GA

If left untreated, nature can quickly overrun your property. In these cases, massive amounts of debris can build up, creating the perfect haven for vermin. Additionally, your property may have dead or dying trees that have become a danger to you, your family, or your home.

Regardless of the reason, relying on a professional tree service company is crucial to any homeowner. That is why TreeCrews in Dunwoody, GA, is the “go-to” tree trimming and removal company in the area. Our highly trained team of professionals has the equipment, experience, and expertise to tackle any arborist job before them.

These jobs include:

  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Stump Removal
  • Land Clearing

With our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, TreeCrews will take care of any job swiftly and professionally.

Tree Trimming and Pruning in Dunwoody, GA

Mature trees bring value and lovely aesthetics to neighborhoods. However, these trees can grow beyond the reach of most garage ladders, making the job of trimming them challenging and even dangerous. In addition, when these trees grow wildly, their branches can reach over houses, commercial buildings, or power lines, making them a danger to the people in and around these buildings.

Power lines are especially susceptible to the overgrowth of large trees. If left untreated, in cases of high winds and heavy storms, large branches from mature trees can damage power lines, knocking out power to large swaths of homes. Such damage can leave many residents without the necessary power to stay warm and informed of potential help they may need if this occurs during the winter.

Despite the dangers mature trees bring, with proper trimming and pruning, these majestic natural monuments can give your home the value and aesthetic you desire, without the potential health and safety risk. Choosing a professional tree service like TreeCrews to perform regular and routine trimming and pruning will prevent possible damage from occurring.

Tree Removal in Dunwoody, GA

Sadly, trees are susceptible to disease and death, just like any other organism. It is vital to have sick or dead trees removed from the property. Dead or dying trees are dangerous to their surrounding areas for a few reasons.

Trees dying due to disease run the risk of infecting the trees and other organisms nearby. If the infection spreads, it will cause other organisms to perish, leaving your property looking depleted of natural beauty.

Another factor to consider is that dead trees are a health and safety risk for homes, buildings, or people nearby. This risk is due to the reduced strength in the limbs and tree trunk once the tree dies. As it loses this strength, large limbs are highly susceptible to breaking during high winds and intense storms.

It is crucial to contact a trained arborist like TreeCrews to safely remove the tree in question to prevent this potential damage. Our technicians know how to remove the tree from the property, negating the possibility of potential calamity.

Emergency Tree Services, Dunwoody, GA

There are times when the worst can happen, and storms or strong winds cause significant damage to a tree on your property. Even worse, that tree may have fallen on your home, car, commercial building, or street that blocks your driveway. Dealing with this scenario is scary enough without the potential health and safety risks it brings.

While most homeowners have insurance to cover such disasters, insurance does not show up to physically remove a fallen tree from your property. When these worst-case scenarios occur, it is vital to have a tried and trusted emergency tree removal service to tackle the issue.

You get just that with TreeCrews in Dunwoody, GA. Our twenty-four-hour emergency service calls mean you will never be left in a compromised position. We’ll have our team come to your property and begin removing any potentially dangerous debris quickly so you and your family can return to your everyday lives.

Land Clearing Services in Dunwoody, GA

In new construction projects, it is vital that land clearing occurs to construct the buildings, roads, or highways in that area. Failure to clear the land on these sites results in timely and costly delays to the construction project, which will have the construction company workers pulling their hair out in frustration.

With TreeCrews in Dunwoody, GA, we have the equipment to clear any land quickly and efficiently. Our land clearing services will enable construction projects to remain on schedule without any delays due to a slow and unprofessional tree removal company. In addition, we will haul away all brush, downed trees, stumps, and trash, leaving the area clean and ready for the next phase of the construction project.


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