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Bare trees and/or thin tree canopies in Spring are never a good sign. Failure to produce leaves mean that the tree is either nearly or entirely dead. Such trees pose significant hazards to you, your family, and your home, as they lose their natural strength, making large limbs likely to fall.

When it is time to cut down a hazardous tree, contact one of north Atlanta’s best emergency tree services based in Woodstock, GA: Tree Crews. Our highly trained arborists have the equipment, experience, and expertise to safely remove any tree from your property and grind the stump to the ground.

Several factors impact the difficulty of tree removal. Here are other factors to consider when removing a tree from your property.

  • Condition—tree removal is labor-intensive work. The labor necessary for tree removal depends on whether the tree is alive or dead. Work required will differ depending on the tree’s status: healthy, dying, or felling.
  • Diameter—moving a large diameter tree will be require significantly more labor than disposing of a skinny one. In addition, tree size impacts the effort necessary for grinding the remaining stump.
  • Location—where the tree resides on the property plays a significant part in the amount of labor and care needed to remove it. Trees closer to the home or other structures require more caution to remove due to the diligence needed to avoid damaging surrounding buildings.


The Most Common Reasons for Emergency Tree Removal

The reasons for tree removal vary from property to property. Trees may pose damage risks to your home, power lines, or other structures. Such threats can cause high costs, especially when they are near power lines, as this poses health, safety, and insurance hazards due to fallen limbs or trees. Other reasons for tree removal include simple aesthetic choices. Tree Crews can remove any tree on your property regardless of the cause.

Here are more reasons you might want to remove trees from your property:

  • You have a dying or dead tree
  • You have a diseased tree
  • The tree has a disease that might spread to other trees or plants on your property
  • The tree is growing too close to your home or power lines or is causing further property damage
  • The tree has extensive structural problems
  • The tree has become too large
  • There are too many plants or trees on the property
  • The tree has significant cracks or damage in the trunk


Top Tree Service Company Based in Woodstock, GA & Serving the North Atlanta Area

With our extensive experience in the north Georgia area, we have the knowledge of soil, trees, and other vegetation that impacts the health of the ecosystems in this particular area. Contact Tree Crews for your planned tree services needs as well as for your emergency tree service requirements. Not only do we offer planned as well as emergency tree removals, but we also include tree limb trimming, debris cleanup, and stump grinding.

We offer our clients the highest level of customer service by providing emergency tree services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We also provide storm damage cleanup services for residents with debris cleanup requirements and leftover stumps from downed or damaged trees.


Choose Tree Crews for Your Next Tree Removal Project

For planned – or emergency – tree services, contact the professionals at Tree Crews located in Woodstock, GA and serving the north Atlanta area. We have the equipment and experience to safely and quickly remove any tree or debris from your property.

For a free quote on your next tree removal project or emergency tree services, contact the tree service professionals at Tree Crews in Woodstock, GA, at 404-578-7540 today!

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