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Are you looking to build a new home or hoping to restore or add-on to your existing home? Do you want to remove overgrowth from your property? Based in Woodstock, Ga, Tree Crews is the premier company for land clearing serving the North Atlanta area.

Our highly trained team of professionals has the equipment, experience, and expertise to handle any land clearing project. With our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, we provide our clients with the highest quality land clearing service and as well as complete dedication to customer service. We take great pride in our land clearing abilities as we will safely and effectively remove any stumps, trees, or debris from the property, leaving it clean and ready for your plans for the area.


Highly Rated Land Clearing Service

Tree Crews Tree Service offers the most complete land clearing for any residential or commercial property. When planning a construction project, you may be subject to strict timelines that make it challenging to meet these deadlines. Therefore, we offer swift and efficient land clearing services that allow these construction projects to maintain their schedules.

Additionally, we work closely with the general contractor to assist them with their goals and meet the client’s purposes. Regardless of project size, Tree Crews can clear the land thoroughly and in the allotted time to meet any deadline.

When clearing the service area, use professional arborists like Tree Crews Tree Service. Our team has the knowledge, equipment, and experience to remove trees, stumps, and debris without damaging remaining healthy trees left for aesthetics. Land clearing is a labor-intensive project requiring several combined skills to complete the project on time. 


What Tree Crews Can Do for You

Our land clearing professionals can provide the following:

      Excavation Services

We can remove any size or number of trees that need clearing. These include dead or dying trees, fallen trees, or healthy saplings.

      Remove Brush

Thick and twisted weeds and brush is a perfect harbor for invasive rodents and reptiles that pose a health and safety risk for property residents. Tree Crews Tree Service can swiftly and safely remove pesky brush and weeds that house these living creatures.


We can take the mulch from stump grinding and apply it over the cleared area to prevent vegetation growth or strategically position it out of the way for aesthetic quality.

      Stump Removal and Grinding

Stump removing and grinding is essential to prepare an area for construction sites. Tree Crews Tree Service in Woodstock, GA, can thoroughly remove and grind all stumps that may prevent construction projects from meeting their timelines.

      Light Grading

Tree Crews Tree Service offers light land grading that levels and smooths land where construction projects will begin. This action will provide a flat surface that makes building construction much more manageable.

      Waste Removal

Clearing away trees, brush, garbage, and other debris is crucial to ensure construction projects reach their deadlines. With Tree Crews Tree Service, we can quickly and safely remove waste allowing these projects to move forward without waiting for clear land.


Why Choose Tree Crews?

With our free quotes and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, Tree Crews Tree Service is the premier land clearing company in Woodstock, GA. Our highly trained arborists have the knowledge and experience with the local area that allows for tree removal without damaging the roots systems and ecosystem. This step is crucial for maintaining a beautiful natural aesthetic to accompany the new construction project.


For more information on land clearing in Woodstock, GA. and surrounding areas of North Atlanta, please contact Tree Crews at 404-578-7540 today!

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