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Stumps left after arborists cut down a tree can look unsightly and attract wildlife and insects that may cause property damage. Due to the potential hazards created by remaining stumps, the professionals at Tree Crews Tree Service recommend stump grinding and removal in Woodstock, GA, to prevent these undesirable possibilities.

Stump grinding is also an essential aspect of construction work. For new construction buildings, professional tree removal companies must clear the land before work can begin. Land clearing involves removing trees, debris, and grinding stumps. This step is a vital aspect of the construction project as once our team grinds the stump, construction can immediately begin on that space.


What to Expect in the Stump Grinding Process

Stump grinding is an essential task for removing the remnants of cut trees. However, stump grinding requires special equipment specifically made for this task. When a tree is cut down, the stump grinding equipment chips away at the stump until it reaches below ground, which leaves a shallow hole.

Professionals grind the stump down to twenty-four inches below ground level for some projects. These cases are if the stump is abnormally large, which increases the grinding project cost.

Once the equipment finishes grinding the stump, a pile of wood chips remains. These chips spread out around ten feet from the original hole. Most customers choose to rake these wood chips into the remaining cavity to give the area a more manicured look.


What to Do with the Wood Chips?

Different customers choose different options for the wood chips remaining after stump grinding. Weather will eventually erode them over time, decomposing back into the soil.

Customers who want a quicker return of grass to the area remove the wood chips and lay down sod in the place where the stump was. The owners then lay the wood chips around their remaining trees to provide moisture, prevent weeds, and improve the area’s look.


Is Stump Grinding the Same as Stump Removal?

While the two projects are similar, many people confuse stump grinding with stump removal. Thankfully, the professionals at Tree Crews can guide you on the particulars – and differences – regarding stump grinding and removal.

Stump Grinding

When professionals completely remove a stump, they grind it down to the ground level. Afterward, no trace of the existing stump will remain except for the wood chips, which landscapers can use for mulch or other aesthetic value. While they grind the stump down, the tree’s root system remains. Over time, the roots will decay and deteriorate, but they can remain for months until that occurs.

Stump Removal

Unlike stump grinding, stump removal involves removing the tree’s entire ball root system. While stump removal is more labor-intensive, it is what the project requires on certain occasions. These occasions include:

  • Planting new foliage in the place where the tree stood.
  • Completing a construction project over the stump location.
  • Handling a root system which is too close to the home or commercial building.


Why Choose Tree Crews for Your Stump Grinding Project?

Choose Tree Crews Tree Service for your stump grinding project. We are the highest-rated arborist company in the area. Our highly trained team of professionals has the equipment, experience, and expertise to grind any stump or any size.

Additionally, our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee tells our customers that our job isn’t complete until they are completely satisfied with it. If you have a stump that needs grinding, contact Tree Crews Tree Service for a free, no-obligation quote today! We are the premier company for stump grinding and removal in Woodstock, GA.

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