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Preserving the appearance of your property and maintaining its landscape can be a challenge. Our Woodstock-based team of professionals at Tree Crews offers the best in advanced tree trimming and pruning techniques to the North Atlanta area. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your front yard or improve the scenery at your commercial business, we can help you keep your trees in good condition.

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We are a dynamic tree service company offering professional tree trimming and pruning services to the Woodstock and surrounding North Atlanta area. Our professional tree experts can trim, prune, and landscape your property with attention to your trees. Proper tree maintenance can attract visitors to your property and contribute to the health of surrounding plants.

Neglecting your trees may seem harmless, but it could result in out-of-pocket emergency costs if a tree branch falls and damages your — or a visitor’s — property.

Tree trimming & pruning can be difficult and potentially dangerous without professional help. Inexperienced laborers can potentially worsen the conditions of your tree assets if they are not properly trained in proper tree trimming & advanced pruning techniques. Not all trees should be trimmed or pruned in the same manner. Avoid a costly do-it-yourself project and hire one of our experienced staff members to assist you with your tree trimming or pruning needs.

There are factors to consider before scheduling tree maintenance, including:

  • Location. Trees that are close to property structures like electrical fixtures can take longer to service.
  • Tree size. The size of a tree can affect the removal time, especially in the case of stumps, to avoid creating large holes on the property.
  • Tree condition. Depending on the condition of the tree, extra precautions may be necessary to prevent property damage.


Enhance Your Property With Tree Trimming Services

 Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent safety hazards due to falling branches, large stumps, or trees that could damage your property. Tree trimming, also known as pruning, can enhance the look of your space and boost your property’s value. There are many reasons why you should invest in tree maintenance services:

  • Trees become intertwined with structures on your property
  • Lack of sun exposure due to trees
  • Trees block your view from the inside
  • Tree size stands out among other trees on the property
  • Trees produce an excessive amount of debris
  • Trees create problems for traffic on nearby roads due to an obstructed view


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Tree Crews is Atlanta’s trusted company for tree trimming and pruning in Woodstock, GA. Our team of trained, licensed professionals has proudly served Woodstock and surrounding areas for over 20 years. We are one of the few fully insured, comprehensive tree services companies that offer eco-friendly tree trimming, mulch delivery, and stump grinding — and we also recycle all trees.


We’ll happily assess your property and recommend the best course of action to achieve your landscaping goals. Call today at 404-578-7540 to learn more about your tree removal options and get a free quote for your property!

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Tree Crews Inc. provides all inclusive tree services including tree removal, pruning & trimming, forest beautification, tree health management, debris and stump removal, as well as anytime emergency tree service in response to wind or storm damage. Call or email today and we’ll give a free price quote!

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