Easy Guidelines in Avoiding Tree Root Foundation Damage

We all know by now that unchecked roots cause structural damage to any property. While the enormous, beautiful tree in your yard provides summer shade and autumn color, note that its roots may endanger your home’s foundation. 

Roots can spread three times as far as the canopy of a tree. Roots consume dirt and rocks, leaving a gap that is then filled with soil. As a result, the foundation may droop, shift, and break.

Thankfully, there are solutions and preventive measures you can do to prevent any kind of damage to your home’s foundation. Read on to discover these easy guidelines to avoid tree root foundation damage today.

Plant Proactively

Avoid planting trees or shrubs near your home when landscaping. The basic rule is 15 to 20 feet away from your home. Plant small fruit trees and Japanese maples 8 to 10 feet apart. Weeping willows, silver maples, and poplars have fast-growing roots.

Assess and Discard the Roots

Tree roots near the foundation of your home can be removed. You must dig around and assess, use tools like a handsaw or pruners to remove the roots, install a root barrier, replace the removed soil, and gradually level the surface.

Employ Root Restrictions and Barriers

Root barriers or barricades keep roots from growing too close to your property’s foundation. To create a root barricade, dig a deep pit or trench between the tree and your home’s concrete foundation, then install an impermeable barrier vertically.

Regularly Feed and Maintain the Tree

The roots of the tree sustain its structure and collect water and nutrients to preserve its health. Having both will maintain your tree’s health and restrict root growth near your home’s foundation.

Perhaps you can apply granular fertilizer every springtime, and water your tree on a regular basis during the dry months. Remember that slowly dropping water into the soil will penetrate it more thoroughly than quickly soaking it. As such, hydrate your tree with soaker hoses to avoid wasting water.

Get Assistance from an Arborist

A tree service’s health check can save you money on future repairs. An arborist can prune huge branches and advise on tree care.

With a specialist around, they will also be able to advise you on what needs to be done to the tree. Let’s say, if your arborist recommends removal, this is because tree removal may save you money on costly foundation repairs.

Mind the Weather Conditions

Plant roots are altered by extreme weather. In times of drought, heavy precipitation can lead tree roots to expand. The soil expands as the roots do. After a prolonged period of drought or rain, inspect your home’s foundation for damage.

Revisit Your Home Insurance Policy

Your homeowner’s insurance may cover foundation repairs but not root damage. The majority of insurance companies consider root damage to be normal wear and tear that is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Get a Repairman (Before It’s Too Late)

Repair any foundation issues before they become costly. Some of the warning signs include foundation cracks, unlatched windows and doors, popping drywall nails, floor slopes, and leaking pipes. If you notice any of these, hire a repairman as soon as possible. 


While you may assess your foundation’s condition on your own, you may need real skills and expertise to act on tree root problems. In any case, you can always work with professionals and learn from them as you go. This way, you can remedy the situation quickly while also getting more knowledge for future purposes. Moreover, before you suspect tree root foundation damage, be proactive and follow preventive measures.

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