Pruning Trees in Spring: 7 Important Things You Should Know

Each autumn, leaves fall from the trees, and each branch formerly hidden by a dense canopy emerges. Although many gardeners would instead leave these branches alone, as they are still covered in leaves, this is an excellent opportunity to examine each tree and its canopy.

Carefully note any branches you may need to remove from trees, taking advantage of these dormant months to develop a plan for pruning and trimming the landscape for spring.

Here are seven essential things to guide you in properly pruning trees in spring:

1. Improve Air Flow and Reduce Fruit Tree Load

Pruning in spring opens up the canopy of the fruit trees, allowing more light through to the tree’s interior. This results in healthier trees, as well as more fruit. Pruning in spring is also a great time to thin out fruit tree loads. 

Pruning old wood results in more light reaching the tree’s interior, where the new fruit forming can take advantage of this extra light. On the other hand, pruning in the summer results in less light reaching the tree’s interior, resulting in fewer, less flavorful fruit.

2. Open the Canopy of Trees to Test Their Branch Architecture

This process should be done on trees with a dense canopy. By opening the canopy, you can see the state of the branch architecture. This allows you to observe the tree’s overall health and the state of its canopy. You can remove any dead or diseased limbs, and you can remove any branches that are growing in the wrong direction.

3. Develop a Good Branch Architecture for the Tree

When pruning a tree in spring, the branch structure should be developed to allow maximum photosynthesis and easier fruit access. This can be done by removing branches growing in the wrong direction and removing any unnecessary branches growing in the way of the main branch being pruned. 

4. Remove Dead or Diseased Limbs

If you’ve had tree pest problems in the past, you should also evaluate the tree carefully for injury caused by pests or disease. Remove any branches that are significantly infected by pests or disease.

Moreover, beware of insect eggs being planted in the tree. After pruning, you expose all of the tree’s branches, allowing insects to get in and lay eggs.

5. Remove Heavy Branches

If your tree is carrying heavy branches, you should consider removing them. This will ensure that the remaining branches have the support to remain upright. In addition, it will also ensure that the tree is not weighed down by the additional branches, which will result in slower growth and fewer fruits.

6. Remove Shoots and Side Branches

Any branch that grows in the wrong direction should be removed immediately. This includes low-hanging branches, which may be growing underneath the main branch and could cause the lower part of the tree to become weak and at risk of failing.

7. Properly Trim Tree Limits

When pruning trees, you should always prune back to a branch that is a healthy size. Trimming a branch to become thin or pencil-thin will weaken the branch when it is pruned. The branch will develop a large scar and will likely fail, becoming diseased or even dying.


Many homeowners avoid pruning trees in the winter because they are concerned that they will accidentally cut into the tree’s trunk or not be able to tell the difference between live and dead branches.

However, if you correctly prune your trees each spring, you will avoid any hasty mistakes, and you will be able to develop the tree to its maximum potential.

This can make a big difference in the state of the tree and its health. Stay on top of pruning your trees each spring, and you will be able to ensure that your trees are healthy and in the best possible condition for the entire growing season.

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