7 Important Reasons Why You Should Prune Trees and Shrubs

A lot of people are asking why it is important to prune their shrubs and trees regularly. The answer is simple. When you prune your trees and shrubs, it benefits the plant in many ways. You will notice that your plants will grow healthier and look neater. It is one of the easiest ways to get rid of those dead branches that make your tree look unsightly. It can also help protect the plant from insects and diseases. 

If you have neglected pruning your trees and shrubs, you may end up having to remove the entire tree in the future. 

With that said, here are the top seven reasons why you should prune your trees and shrubs:  

1. It Helps the Plant Grow Better 

When you prune your trees and shrubs, it will not just keep them looking neat and tidy. It also allows the sun to hit the tree and the ground. This ensures that the leaves get the right amount of sunlight that they need to stay healthy, producing more oxygen as well. This means that your plants will grow better and healthier.

2. It Helps Produce More Fruit

Some trees, such as the citrus, need to be pruned regularly to ensure that they bear more fruits. If you do not prune them as recommended, it will be too late for you to enjoy their fruits as they will not have time to grow.

3. It Is a Good Way to Get Rid of Insects That Are Attacking the Plant

Some insects like to hide under the branches of your tree. It is a good idea to prune them regularly to keep the insects away. By pruning your shrubs and trees, you will be able to keep the branches in check and make it difficult for insects to hide.

4. It Will Help Stop the Plant from Growing Too Big

When you are planting a tree, you will have to decide on the type of tree and the size that you want it to grow to. By pruning the tree regularly, you can ensure that the tree will grow to the size that you want. This applies to all trees, including the fruit trees.

5. It Is a Good Way to Maintain That Certain Shape That You Want

When you decide to grow a certain type of tree or plant, you will want to maintain that look as much as possible. By pruning your trees and shrubs, you can ensure that they will grow the way that you want them to. It is not just a matter of pruning the plants, you will want to learn how to prune them properly to ensure that they will grow the way that you want them to be. 

6. It Helps to Stop That Plant from Growing in the Wrong Direction

There are certain types of tree that you want to grow in a specific direction. If you do not prune your trees, it becomes very difficult to keep that tree the right size when it grows in any direction. By pruning the branches, you will be able to guide the tree to grow in the direction that you want.

7. It Helps Keep the Branches from Growing Too Much

Some branches on your tree grow too much and can cause damage to your plants. Pruning the branches is a good way to prevent them from growing too much.


Pruning is an important process that will help you keep your trees and shrubs in check. It will also ensure that your plants will grow better and protect them from insects and diseases. If you have been neglecting to prune your trees and shrubs, it is time to start doing it.

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