Determining the Right Time and Reason to Remove a Tree Stump

Although you may find tree stumps aesthetically pleasing, or your kids may enjoy playing on them, they can actually pose several risks to your lawn’s health and your property’s safety over time.

That said, you must determine when and why you must remove it when the right opportunity comes. Below are just a few examples of that.

1. When It Shows Signs of Decay

Tree stumps show several signs of decay with time. You’ll notice that its bark may split, its color may fade, and it may start to lean after a couple of years. The best thing to do would be to remove it before it starts rotting.

This will prevent any future hassles for you and your family and lessen the potential dangers to your property.

2. When It’s Attracting Insects or Rodents

Tree stumps, especially the ones that are still on the ground, can be very attractive to insects and rodents. Rats and mice may find shade and shelter on them, especially if they have been damaged by several elements, such as rot and insects.

While it may not seem like a big deal to you, it’s actually a health hazard to you and your entire family.

3. When It’s an Eyesore

A tree stump on your lawn can be a real eyesore. After all, it isn’t attractive, and it’s not even as comfortable sitting or lying on a lawn chair or a hammock.

This is also a huge safety issue since lawn chairs and hammocks can easily cause falls and injuries.

4. When It Has Become a Safety Hazard

Tree stumps can become a safety hazard when they are no longer in their prime. Broken and decaying tree stumps can easily cause injuries and accidents.

You and your family should avoid stepping or sitting on them to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

5. When It Serves as a Place for Trash to Collect

While tree stumps aren’t attractive, you may still have some garbage that you want to throw out.

However, you should never throw household or yard trash on a stump. This can be a breeding ground for rodents, insects, and other pests.

Plus, you don’t want your trash to pollute your neighborhood or even a nearby creek or river.

6. When It Adds to the Burden of Lawn Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, tree stumps can pose several lawn maintenance problems. You’ll have to prepare and maintain your lawn, especially if it’s a newly-built home.

Stepping on tree stumps, or having them lying around, can cause damage to your lawn — especially if you don’t maintain it regularly.

7. When You Don’t Want to Repurpose it

You can repurpose a stump if you want your tree to keep living. It’s not always the best idea, though, especially if it’s a popular tree in your neighborhood.

If that’s the case, you should hire a professional to remove the stump for you. This will not only help you in the long run but will also protect your lawn and property.


In the end, deciding when to remove a tree stump is all up to you. However, you should also weigh in all the factors mentioned above.

While you may enjoy the aesthetic appeal of tree stumps or have a little fun with them, you must also consider your family’s safety and lawn maintenance. A good lawn will help you live a healthy, active lifestyle, which is what our bodies need the most.

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