Reasons You Shouldn’t Do Tree Removal Yourself

As a homeowner, you’re probably used to wearing many hats and starting a bunch of DIY projects. But it’s important to note that you shouldn’t DIY some house improvements since they can be extremely dangerous.

One of the projects you shouldn’t DIY is tree removals. With tree removal, it’s important to ensure that you’re highly skilled and trained to tackle such tasks. Not to mention, when doing tree removal work, you may end up getting injured, especially without proper training and tools.

If you’re thinking of doing tree removal yourself, hold that thought—here are the biggest reasons you shouldn’t do it.

The Potential Risks of Doing Tree Removals Yourself

Risk #1: A Potential Emergency Room Visit

By doing tree removals yourself, you’re putting yourself at risk of serious injuries. Or even worse, you could cause someone else to be hurt in the process.

For example, if you’re climbing a tree and it falls on you or a passerby, you could get seriously injured. Or, if you cut a tree down and the trunk falls on someone, you could be sued. While the damage may not be something you’ve considered, the liability could be costly.

Risk #2: Some Trees May Look Healthy Outside, But Could Be Rotten Inside

Just because a tree looks healthy on the outside doesn’t mean it’s well-cared for. Trees that look good on the outside can have rotten trunks, which means they could fall down at any time. So, if you’re doing a project like tree removal, it’s important to be aware of this risk and have professionals do it instead.

Risk #3: Tree Removal Tools are Complex and Dangerous

When it comes to removing trees, you’ll need special tools. For example, you may need a chainsaw, which is a dangerous tool when removing trees. If you don’t know how to use it, you may get injured. Or, you may damage your property trying to cut down a tree.

Professional tree removal services will remove trees with their tools and training. Without this, you may put yourself in harm’s way.

Risk #4: Trees Won’t Always Fall Where You Expect Them Too

If you’re doing tree removal, you may have the best of intentions. However, the tree may not fall where you expect it to. For example, the tree may fall in a different direction than you expected it to.

This risk of a falling tree can be deadly, so you should only leave it to professional tree removal services. They’ll be able to safely and effectively remove a tree.

The Bottom Line: Don’t Do Tree Removal On Your Own—Have Professionals Do It

Tree removal doesn’t have to be risky. If you’re not up for doing tree removal yourself, have professional tree removal services do it for you. Indeed, it’s well worth the money to hire professional tree removal services to do the tree removal for you. You’ll get the job done without the risk of getting injured or causing damage.

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