What are the Five Signs to Look For in a Healthy Tree?

Trees are an essential component of every landscape. They are not only attractive, but they also give shade, healthier air, and a rise in property value. While they might be easy to overlook, the most astute property owners and managers are keenly aware of the health of their trees.

Not sure where to begin when assessing the trees on your property? Keep reading to find out!

1. Full, Healthy Leaves

Healthy trees grow thick, consistent bundles of leaves throughout their canopy. Bald patches aren’t normal for a tree, regardless of its age. Bare patches could be a sign of damage from improper pruning, pesticide damage, pest infestation, disease, or lack of nutrients. Check with a certified arborist near you to determine the exact cause.

Also, check to see if they’re the right color for the season. Ensure there are no crispy edges. They shouldn’t be yellow or yellow-green unless that’s their natural color.

2. Strong Bark

Strong, intact bark is a sign of a healthy tree. Look for a wide, smooth area around the trunk. If the bark is decomposing, peeling, or cracked, it’s evidence of disease, pests, or improper pruning. It could also indicate damage from too much sun or too little water.

3. Full, Robust Branches

Healthy branches are firm, don’t sway, and don’t require support. Avoid branches that are thin, weak, or fragile. Look for branches with a full canopy and healthy, green leaves.

4. Evidence of New Growth

Every year, trees should sprout new leaves. Measure the difference between this year’s and previous year’s to determine the level of growth (where growth scars on the branch are). Every tree species grows at a different rate, therefore keep this in mind while assessing a tree’s development.

5. One Central Trunk

A tree with one, solid trunk is a healthier tree. If it has two, major trunks, the tree is likely either stressed or in need of pruning. Even if the tree only has one trunk, it’s important to ensure it’s in one piece. Both of these scenarios could be signs of pests, disease, or improper pruning.

Preventing Tree Disease and Other Issues

Along with frequent inspections, there are important care activities to take to keep your trees healthy. Remember that your trees are enormous, live plants that require care, even if they have been there for a long time. These are the main important aspects of tree care.


Drought can stress or even kill trees. If a tree or shrub isn’t receiving enough water, it stops growing, which may result in a loss of its leaves and branches, or even death. So make sure you check in with your yard regularly to see if a lack of water is the cause of yellowing leaves.

Pruning and Mowing

Just as with humans, regular checkups are important for keeping your trees and shrubs healthy. This can help you identify any diseases or pests before they infect the entire tree and will also help you keep your yard free of any dead branches and leaves.


Mulching reduces the need for watering, as well as provides nutrients to the soil. The mulch can also reduce the growth of weeds, which in turn, reduces the need for weeding.


Just as with humans, trees can get sick if they don’t receive enough nutrients. Fertilizer helps your trees grow and gives them a boost in times of drought when they might not be getting enough nutrients from the soil.


Trees and shrubs are an important addition to any property. Their value lies in the fact that they can add a personal touch to any property, as well as provide shade and an increase in property value. These plants also provide a necessary level of privacy while they also serve an environmental purpose.

However, as important as they are, trees and shrubs can cause great damage to both property and people if not properly maintained. That’s why it’s important to be vigilant about the health of the trees on your property.

If you need tree service professionals in Woodstock, we can help! Tree Crews Inc. provides all-inclusive tree services with tree removal, tree pruning, forest beautification, tree health management, debris, and stump removal, as well as anytime emergency tree service in response to wind or storm damage. Call us today at 770-479-9611 to request a free estimate!

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Tree Crews Inc. provides all inclusive tree services including tree removal, pruning & trimming, forest beautification, tree health management, debris and stump removal, as well as anytime emergency tree service in response to wind or storm damage. Call or email today and we’ll give a free price quote!

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