Tree Care 101: 7 Telltale Signs That a Tree Needs Pruning

Our world is teeming with plant life that allows us to see our lands and their beauty. Of course, trees are at the top of the list because they’re big and offer many benefits. Naturally, caring for trees is essential because they can outlive us all. For this reason, tree planting activities are done everywhere. However, this isn’t enough because pruning should be done once they’ve grown.

Pruning is a process where parts of a plant are removed to help it grow better. This can be done in several ways. Some pruning is done to shape the tree, while others are done to help it grow better. This includes removing dead, dying, and diseased parts of a tree. However, not many people know when to prune their trees, so we’re here to help.

Here are some of the most common signs that a tree needs pruning:

#1 – Broken Branches Are Visible

A tree’s branches are part of its support system, so if they’re broken, it’s a good indicator that it needs some pruning. When branches break, they can make the tree structurally weaker and topple the tree if the supporting branches aren’t there. This is why broken branches are a sign that the tree needs pruning.

However, you may not be able to see the branches, so you need to take a closer look. Otherwise, you should be able to see everything well.

#2 – Dead or Diseased Limbs Are Present

If you see dead or diseased limbs, the tree requires some pruning. Dead limbs can break, leading to a fall or breaking in other parts of the tree.

Dead limbs can also be a place for parasites and diseases to grow. If you see this, you should cut them off. Otherwise, they can spread to other parts of the tree, killing it.

#3 – The Tree’s Branches Reach the Power Lines

Trees should always be kept away from power lines. The branches can contact the lines, which may result in an accident. Also, the leaves and branches that have collected on the power lines. Once these build up, they can cause an electric short. This can result in a fire or an explosion.

#4 – Trees Sustain Heavy Storm Damage

Storm damage is typical throughout the rainy season. However, if a tree sustains severe damage, it’s time for you to prune it. This can be done after the storm has passed. You should try and keep the tree from taking in any more damage.

Storm damage is among the main reasons why trees require pruning. The branches and leaves can become tangled in the power lines. This can be a disaster waiting to happen.

#5 – There’s Too Much Growth

Growing trees aren’t a problem since they’re meant to be big and tall. However, once a tree is too tall, you will have to prune it. This is to keep it from damaging your property and any other items around it.

You can also prune it to help it maintain a specific size and look. This is done to make it aesthetically pleasing. You can prune it to reduce the size while still giving it a shape. It all depends on how you want your tree to look.

#6 – The Bark Has Cracks

A crack on a tree’s bark can be caused by many things, such as extreme weather, disease, and old age. Some trees can heal themselves, but others need to be pruned. If the bark has a crack, it needs to be pruned and treated. The best way to approach this is to cut the lower branches to cover the wound. This will ensure that the tree heals itself and can do so faster.

#7 – Certain Branches Are Too Thick

The thickness of a branch is dictated by its age. The older a branch is, the thicker it will be, but this can be too thick. When this happens, the branch can become too heavy and eventually break. This can also make the branch susceptible to disease and parasites.

Pruning is the perfect solution because it allows you to maintain the thickness of a branch while keeping it healthy. This way, the tree can grow without any difficulty.


Pruning is necessary for trees because it allows them to grow correctly and ensures that the branches remain strong. Therefore, it’s crucial for people who plant trees to prune them. Just remember that when you take care of a tree, a tree will take care of you.

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