Tips on How to Know That You Need a Tree to Be Removed

It’s important to remember that dead or decaying trees and branches can fall at any time, not only during harsh weather or storms. Although it’s necessary for your safety, a homeowner should avoid tree removal because it is a potentially dangerous undertaking. Attempting to cut down a tree or limb on your own can result in a problematic situation, resulting in catastrophic harm to people and property.

Here are some tips on knowing that you need a tree removed:

The Tree is Dead

If a tree is dead and some of its limbs are already dead, its roots are probably not healthy enough to hold up the tree during harsh weather conditions.

There are many signs of trouble that homeowners can look for, such as large branches that are dead. Because of their size and location, these branches are more likely to fall.

The Tree is in Danger of Collapsing

A tree that is starting to lean in the wrong direction, leaning over a fence, fence line, or a power line, is more likely to fall over. If a tree is leaning, this can signify that something is wrong with the tree. During stormy weather, a leaning tree is more likely to fall.

The Stump Is Not There Anymore

Sometimes, tree roots are so large that they grow together and even push on each other, creating a weak spot in the trunk. If the tree falls over, the weakened section will probably be the part that falls first.

There Are Insects and Signs of Disease

Tree diseases and insect infestations can weaken a tree’s root system. Because of this, it is essential to have these problems treated before they become serious. When it’s too late, your tree will be home to various pests and show signs of sickness in various forms.

The Tree is in a Bad Location

Trees near a house, driveway, walkways, or roadway are more likely to be harmed or cause damage to other nearby structures. When a tree’s branches get too close to a power line, homeowners may be putting themselves at risk of a sudden electrical shock.

Another sign that a tree is in the wrong location is due to stray roots. Tree roots grow up and down, as well as across. When trees start to grow into underground pipes, cables, and wires, it can cause damage that is difficult to repair.

There Are High Winds On the Horizon

Besides your tree’s condition, you should also check the weather regarding your tree’s removal. When high winds and storms are predicted, homeowners should have their plants and trees trimmed appropriately or removed altogether.


The responsibility of tree removal falls on the shoulders of your local arborist. To choose the exemplary tree service, homeowners need to do their research. When looking for a tree removal arborist, homeowners should look for one that has no history of failures, licenses and certifications, and a portfolio.

Hiring a licensed professional to remove your tree and stump is the best course of action. They follow proper safety protocol, ensuring that the tree is released in an effective, safe, and environmentally friendly way.

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