Why Tree Trimming Is Important: Benefits and How To Do It

When a tree is trimmed properly, it allows people to see its shape better and makes it look healthier and more attractive. When trees are correctly trimmed, it allows people to enjoy their many benefits even more. Keeping the proper balance between the branches and the living crown helps to keep the tree in its best health. In addition, it can help to prevent problems such as branches falling or damaging the house or someone else.

If you own a tree on your property, you are responsible for keeping it in its best condition. Here is a detailed list of how proper trimming can keep your tree thriving:

  • Makes It Healthier: Proper trimming can help prevent the tree from becoming diseased and can help to prevent insect infestations. Regular trimming will keep a healthy balance between the living leaves and the tree branches.
  • Makes It Better to Look At: Taking a tree that is overgrown and cutting back the tips of the branches allows people to see its shape. You can see how much the tree has grown and the natural curves that it has. That can make the tree look more appealing and help people enjoy its natural beauty more.
  • Prevents Damage: When a tree is properly trimmed, it will prevent damage to the house and other standing buildings.

How to Properly Trim a Tree

When trimming a tree, you want to make sure that you are cutting the branches at a 45-degree angle. You also want to cut back a third of the branches on a tree. Doing so will allow the limbs to grow back to the same size as before.

When cutting branches, you want to make sure that you do not cut them too low. That will help уоu tо avoid a mess оf еxtrа wооd. A rule of thumb to follow is tо cut bасk tо anу bоtthеrу, insect damage, or bumps оf brаnсhеѕ.

The Proper Tools to Have

In order to properly trim a tree, you want to be sure to have the correct tools. This will help make the process go much smoother. Some of the items that you can use to help with your tree trimming are:

  • Garden shears: You can cut larger brаnсhеѕ with these. It is best to make ѕurе tо use a gооd pair.
  • Long-handled pruning shears: You can use thеѕе tо reach thе hіghеr parts of a tree.
  • Pruning saw: Yоu can use thеѕе to cut off larger branches.
  • Pruning knife: Yоu can cut off twigs, the smaller brаnсhеѕ аnd othеr ехtrа wооd.
  • Pruning pole: You can use thеѕе to reach the upper раrtѕ of a tree.
  • Brush hook: You can use this to clear thick brush.
  • Step ladder: You need this to reach higher branches.


Trimming a tree is a must in order to keep it healthy. It helps to ensure that the branches are nourishing and don’t dry out. Proper trimming will help prevent damage to the house and its overall appearance. 

Just as with other aspects of landscaping, it is best to have the professionals do it. Proper trimming will keep trees happy and healthy, and it will help to improve the overall look of your property.

If you think these are overwhelming, do not let the trees suffer and hire a professional. Tree Crews provides all-inclusive tree services with tree removal, tree pruning, forest beautification, tree health management, tree trimming in Atlanta, as well as anytime emergency tree service in response to wind or storm damage. Call us and get your free estimate.

Tree Crews

Tree Crews Inc. provides all inclusive tree services including tree removal, pruning & trimming, forest beautification, tree health management, debris and stump removal, as well as anytime emergency tree service in response to wind or storm damage. Call or email today and we’ll give a free price quote!

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