What You Should Do When a Tree Falls on Your House

Nobody wants to hear the ominous groan of a tree falling on their house. It can be scary and daunting, and you might have no idea what to do next. This post will explain how to get the tree off your house and answer some of the frequently asked questions about falling tree accidents. 

Check for Damage

The first thing you’ll want to do is determine how much damage the tree has caused. If the tree fell in your yard and damaged only your house, that’s one thing; if it landed on another building or crushed your car, that’s another.

Call 911

If a tree falls on your home, you should call 911 right away. This will allow emergency services to be dispatched and organize an evacuation strategy if necessary. If you can safely exit the building first, that’s ideal; however, if there are any injuries or an imminent risk of collapse, call 911 immediately and then begin seeking medical treatment for any injuries sustained in the incident.

Call Your Local Fire Department

Once you’ve made sure everyone is safe from harm and have contacted emergency services, contact your local fire department to inspect whether or not the structure is structurally sound enough for them to enter and start removing debris (if this is possible). 

Call Your Local Police Department

The police department should also be notified to determine whether or not criminal charges are warranted based on any negligence or wrongdoing in connection with this incident.

Call an Emergency Tree Removal Company

Hire a professional tree removal company to help get rid of damaged or fallen trees and inspect other nearby trees that pose a potential threat. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Falling Tree Accidents

A. Does Homeowners Insurance Cover a Tree Falling?

Yes! You can file a claim with your insurance company if a tree falls on your house or if you’re injured due to one falling in your yard. Your homeowner’s policy should cover the cost of repairs and medical bills for injuries that resulted from the incident.

B. What Happens When a Neighbor’s Tree Falls on Your House?

If you have an existing contract with your neighbor regarding the maintenance and upkeep of their trees, they may be liable for any damage caused by their negligence. If there is no existing contract between you and your neighbor, you may need to consult with an attorney about filing suit against them for negligence (which could result in compensation for damages).

C. Does Homeowners Insurance Cover the Fence?

It depends on what type of fence it is. If it is made out of wood or metal, then yes! However, suppose it is made out of brick or stone. No, these types of fences are usually only covered under commercial policies.


If a tree falls on your house, don’t panic! There are steps you can take to keep yourself safe, and hopefully, avoid further damage. We recommend that you immediately assess the amount of damage done to your home and contact a professional. 

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